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Small business IP PBX phone systems today are increasingly more sophisticated. Here’s a quick comparison of a conventional small business IP PBX system and a Unified Communications system that combines an Internet Protocol (IP) PBX and other features. IP AND PBX SYSTEMS

We have supplied and maintained a wide variety of telephone systems and IP PBX to small and large businesses, including leading blue chip companies. We pride ourselves with our knowledge, and have built up an excellent reputation in the industry. offering an exceptional personalised service and an unmatched level of customer support to our clients. This has made us to our clients the first point of contact for all aspects of telecommunication services.


A stable and robust system of communication is one of the most important factors which contribute to business success and help maintain long term fruitful relationship with clients, vendors and employees. The ability to communicate both internally and externally is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring that business processes run smoothly, and every company needs an efficient telephone system to take care of all communication needs Our goal is to provide communications solutions which are in perfect tune with the requirements of a particular company, so as to enable them to really shine on all fronts. With years of experience in the field, we are one of the best when it comes to telephone systems installation.

MERC Technologies is the leading installer of Panasonic Avaya IP pbx / pabx phone systems integrator

It uses your LAN

An IP-PBX business phone system will reside on your network using your existing LAN. The PBX server is only a short distance away, so signaling distance and time (latency) is very short and does not depend on traveling over the Internet and other networks

Easier to configure and install than proprietary phone systems

Proprietary phone systems can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate around their software to configure and install. An IP-PBX system will be much more familiar to computer savvy people, especially someone who has experience with networks. This can be especially true for Asterisk based systems that have a front-end GUI such as Free PBX.

Easy to move phones

Because phones are IP based, they are like PCs, move them from one connection to another and they find home and connect right back up to the PBX server. No longer are the days when a simple phone move needs to have cross connects changed and a phone technician making a billable service call

Branch offices

Can be added to an existing system and connected through an Internet connection. (Again lower cost, with the IP-phones being the major cost of the hardware needed.)

Remote Extensions

Employees can plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home to their Internet connection and be extension dialing.


We specialise in the supply and repair manufactured parts and phones, with clients ranging from small business to local government, the NHS and large PLCs.IP PHONE
Our sales, and service centre can offer you a fast, efficient and hassle free service along with complete peace of mind as all equipment whether new, used or refurbished is supplied fully guaranteed

If you require help or advice on any of the products in our range, please contact us on and we will be happy to give you further information.

IP phones along with SIP phones, use an internet protocol that allows phones to connect to either a LAN connection or a wireless connection, and make phone calls over the internet as opposed to through conventional telephone lines. The reduction in telephone bill costs can be significant.

Many new VoIP phones also incorporate SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to connect between users. SIP can enhance the experience of using VoIP phones as it allows users to inlcude multimedia in their conversations. Many people in the VoIP phones community have embraced the development of SIP technology which is in it’s infant stages but has the potential to bring about substantial changes to P2P communications.

VoIP phones come in many shapes and sizes and we present to you a wide range of models from leading manufacturers including corded and cordless VoIP phones and even a SIP enabled phone that can double as a mobile phone.


MERC Technologies constantly review all manufacturers’ video conferencing products and services We are are now supplying video conferencing products in the We specialise in Polycom HDX video conferencing products, video conference services and portable conference units as well providing unit hire and supplying equipment and video conference room hire. Video Conferencing System Video Connections provide professional advice and all the latest video conferencing technology & full support and service, for all your business needs and locations.

By installing video conferencing, you have the choice to which meeting you physically attend, or hold over a live video link. By substituting 35% of your physical meetings with video meetings you will immediately recoup the cost, of the equipment installed at three independent locations.

We supplies, installs and maintains all the very latest video conferencing products.

Our Video Conferencing equipment is not only designed with large video conferences in mind but also for the home office user with a PC desktop with the ViaVideo.

They allow high-quality videoconferencing, with ISDN and IP network connectivity, multimedia support, AES encryption, videotelephony, simultaneous dual-stream video and even Voice Tracking cameras.